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Get your $10,000 check and restore our country to a government of, by, and for the people

And eliminate the rule by the very few billionaires who are controlling the masses.

The rule by King Bill Gates and a few other billionaires is coming to an end.

Prevent the Tyranny of the Majority

The Majority are bought and paid for by the wealthy few

We can co-exist.
Not everybody has to be the same.
We have room for differences in this world.
If some people... that's okay; it's all good.
If some people... that's okay; don't worry.
Nobody says everyone has to be vaccinated.
Nobody says everybody has to have a chip in their hand.
Nobody says we all have to be ruled by the same government.
If you're afraid of putting yourself at risk, stay home.*
We don't want "tyranny of the majority" any more than we want "tyranny of the minority"... we can co-exist!

Time to send Bill Gates Your Bill (invoice)

With the letter below, you're signing your bill to get your check, the one that they owe you!
Dear Bill Gates:

Please kindly remit payment of $10,000, a payment that you owe me. Please understand that the bill will accrue interest at the rate of 1% per month. 

When I bought your products, I did not do it to cede my rights to life, liberty, or happiness, nor to allow you to control the health care system with the control of your money over science and institutions.

Therefore, I am sending you this bill for you to return the excessive exploitive profits. 
As you know, with the First Worldwide Constitutional Amendment, the public will gain the right to decide how all monies, over the first five billion you have, are to be spent, through a democratic process of vote by referenda. However, until that is passed, you must pay the bill you owe to society, and in this case to me.

Don't worry, there is still plenty left for you to spend to meet your needs, however, you no longer are allowed to decide what the world needs - that right will be restored to the people, under a just government of, by and for the people. Your royal rule has come to an end. 

Thank you.


P.S. In case you feel this letter is not reflective of CAPITALISM, it is. It's capitalism because I'm sending you a bill. That's how capitalism works, those who send out the bills win. Now, pay your bill. 

Send to the following address: (INSERT YOUR ADDRESS)

Download your bill to Bill here

*Regarding the statement, if you're afraid ... 

If you're afraid of putting yourself at risk, stay home...
This statement is made for a few reasons:
1) They admitted (claim) they lied when they said, "you don't need to wear a mask." Dr. Fauci has come out and said that his original claim that you don't need to wear a mask was made so that there were enough masks for health care workers.
So, his credibility is already called into question because of that admission of deceit. He's playing in the realm of ends justifies the means. 

2) The statement as to case counts are suspect because according to their own admission the PCR test that they used was very overinclusive.

The skew of deaths is so far to the very aged population that other measures could have been taken to protect them. Note, the Spanish Flu had a much lower age of death.

3) Conflicts of interest. Many of the same people who are involved in the development of P4 labs are also involved in guiding the population to take different lockdown and invasive health care measures, and some of their guidance divides along political lines. Additionally, there are financial motivations among some of the people advocating for the measures being advocated, undermining the trust some people have in their advice.

4) Many of the same people involved in recommending the measures being recommended are also recommending chipping people and transhumanism, and there is no way for a person to know if what they are recommending now is not also connected, even indirectly (through funding, parntering, development) with those other measures.

 5) Of course, the overarching reason for this statement is that life is full of risk, and we, as a people, have to leave room for differing views, and we have to ourselves reduce our own risks if that is something we care about, and we have to reduce those risks without overburdening others. 

We allow all sorts of unhealthy behaviors in society that costs others who don't engage in those unhealthy behaviors. A healthy person may, and often does, absorb the cost of a system that spreads the cost of unhealthy lifestyles throughout society.  

He, point-blank, says in his first reason, that he lied to the American public - based on an ends justifies the means rationale

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

Our sons and daughters go off to war for what?

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

We allow these types to rise and perpetrate crimes for years?

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

We allow these types to rise in our society?

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

We allow this to go on for years?

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

So what, we can trust Gates, right?

How do we stop this without Civil War?

 We stop it with Amendments.

Stop the Virus: We're all in this together. 

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