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The Moral Branch

We're the Moral Branch, the Fourth Branch.

What makes us moral?

It's very simple, we believe in balancing life, liberty and happiness. Life, liberty and happiness for you, life, liberty and happiness for me.


So you say, "We believe in those values, too. What makes you different?"


We have a way to balance them. We have a method for balancing them, a method you don't yet use or know about.

What if there was a content of our character, and a way to use our best character to bring about the ideals of life, liberty and happiness for all?

Well, we're going to show you how we can understand the content of a best character. Start by looking at the visual aid below. On it, there are several "parts." There are parts to whole aligned systems, whole alinged organizations, whole aligned relationships - and the words that make up wholeness each are like parts to the body, and that's why we have layered in parts to the body in the below graphic. This depiction relates to a serious scientific discovery, one compatible with spirit, faith and religion, but also with universal ethics.

The Fourth Branch (5).png

Why The Moral Branch of Government

A Moral Branch.

Why are we doing this? Why are you doing this, or thinking about this?


It takes work to get anything done.


What are you up against? You're up against financial values and financial might.


If you want moral values to win out, you have to work to get them out into the world.


If a basketball player or a singer makes millions or multi-millions of dollars, do they then become an expert on how best to help society? If an entrepreneur, a maker of software, for example, becomes a multi-billionaire, does he then become an expert on what the priorities of a nation become? If a group of billionaires, or investors, get together and decide it's more important to invest in sending rockets to the moon, or creating the ability for man to live forever, or become transhuman, does that invalidate your view on those matters. Or, are the hundreds of millions of people without money, without fortunes, equally entitled to decide whether the species goes to the moon, lives forever, or becomes transhuman, and a whole host of other decisions?


For you to get that power, you need to show others that moral values are as valuable as financial values, if not more so, and to do that, you need to work at it. That's where you can become part of the moral branch.

Again, here is a description of the moral branch.
The moral branch of government shall be comprised of a body of 10,000 leaders. 
The moral branch of government shall be vested with the following authority.
It shall have the power to override an Act of Congress by a three-quarters vote. 
It shall have the power to override an Executive Order by a three-quarters vote.
The moral branch of government shall be comprised of religious and ethical leaders, of individuals with assets less than one million dollars, or annual incomes of less than $100,000 per year, on average for five out of the ten years prior to serving.
The Moral body, of 10,000 individuals, shall elect one individual each year to serve on the Cabinet of the Executive Branch. Such Cabinet official shall be included in all Cabinet meetings.
The Moral body, of 10,000 individuals, shall elect two individuals each year to serve on the Supreme Court for a term of one year, and such individuals shall be entitled to vote on all cases before it in their term.   

Whose Morals

By using a model that's universal, for the choice of traits, we're able to get past differences. And by using the set of values that are in the Declaration of Independence, but also are in the universal model, we are again, able to get past differences. That model is the human body. Much as the body has parts, we've identified "traits that act like parts." This approach actually goes back to Plato and Hobbes and Spencer, famous names in political science and biology - but with a new understanding for bringing about balance. For a more in-depth explanation, you can turn to a number of resources.

Universal Values

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 7.20.28 PM.png

We achieve, or deliver, the ideals of life, liberty and happiness, by being thoughtful of these ideals, sensitive to the need for these ideals, responsive to the need for these ideals. And so on. Each of these concepts, thoughtful, sensitive, responsive and several others are what we need to bring into our lives.

When we begin to learn about morals and values, (behavior traits and values; attitude, behavior and character traits and values), and we begin to prioritize bringing these values to the world over bringing financial and material values to the world, we address the essential problem.


Consider the Reason Why

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 7.55.48 AM.png

You see where selfishness fits in, in the depiction above?

The only counter to selfishness is balancing self with other. And one universal way for us to balance self with other is to become sensitive to self and other, in balance; become thoughtful of self and other, in balance; become responsive to self and other in balance. Do you see what's happening? You're speaking and thinking in terms of traits.

The way out of our problems is to move from selfishness back to a higher moral, and for some, a spiritual and religious, place. That requires at a minimum a better set of traits, or what Martin Luther King, Jr. described as a content of our character. 

Another way to depict what we're saying is that we have to create a layer in our lives called the "Constitution of the Individual" and another layer, "The Constitution of Our Society," a layer that works together with our current Constitution of the United States. Here's what that looks like, and note, it's the same set of traits that you see depicted above in that Moral Branch Emblem at the top of the page, with the justice scales. 

First, the Constitution of the Individual, the moral individual.

Constitution of the Individual.png
Constitution of the Individual (1).png

Now, the Constitution of the Society, the Moral Society.

Continued Constitution...png

This has never been done before!

Why is it needed?

Everybody always talks about how there's corruption at the top. But no one wants to talk about the root traits that have to be promoted in society. 

If you want to promote the "good" actor to the top and to leadership, and you want to demote the "bad" actor, then you have to start thinking in terms of good and bad, and what those words mean. Does a "good" actor have a character, that can be defined in terms of traits? Yes. Much as the "bad" actor has a character, that can be defined in terms of traits.

Instead of looking at who has the most money, and who has the best looks, and who makes the best material product, start looking at who is the most loving, and learn how to define it, start looking at who is the most thoughtful, and learn how to define it, and start looking at who is the most responsive, and learn how to define it - start looking at the "CONTENT OF ONE'S CHARACTER!" It's not that hard a concept, but many of us, particularly, those in leadership roles, have all sorts of excuses for why it's not their job to champion traits. 

And that's why those with second order solutions rule. To be clear, they rule because their solutions stem from a different set of first order traits: greed, survival of the fittest, and all sorts of unhealthy behaviors guide them to power over - not with - others. 

The following second order priorities are not built on commitment to any first order principles that relate to creating a balance of life, liberty, and happiness for all, and they certainly don't come from participation of the masses - they come from participation of only the very wealthy and who they choose. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.26.10 PM.png
Is there any discussion among the great resetters about reducing their lifestyles dramatically? Are we all in this together. If they don't have to cut their lifestyles at least in half while many in the world are paying significant daily, eight hour a day sacrifices and more, is that just? Is there any discussion - public discussion - by the global resetters with those at the lower end of the economic strata? Is there any popular involvement in the decision-making that goes into reset decisions. Not amongst leading thinkers, but amongst everyday workers - are they involved? 
This is the head - and I mean head - of the World Economic Forum. 
Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.27.15 PM.png
This is the head.
About the head.
Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.44.50 PM.png
Okay, well, we shouldn't care about that. Much better to recognize that the values of corporations dominate... as explained here...
If we don't start thinking about the difference between good traits and bad, it will be too late.
The sad reality is that we created that Frankenstein. And we created it because we did not put forth qualities - traits that make for a healthy, whole character. Maybe we argued and argued over exactly which ones to champion, maybe our indecision led us to inaction, all the while the pathological actors took over the corporation and made it what it has become in many cases. 
So, are you tired of waiting? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you tired of letting perfection be the enemy of progress. All you need to do is join in and say, we're putting forward a set of traits (attitude, behavior and character traits) to compete with the pathological leaders, whoever, wherever they might be.
And where are we?
We're right here.
Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.00.13
In every state, in every county, in every town, there are representatives, Moral representatives, individuals (real people, not corporations, not people beholden to corporations and the (formerly) almighty dollar), individuals who stand for traits - first order principles first, and second order solutions second.
We don't have to agree on solutions, but we do have to agree on the ends: the ends are to make sure that all have life, liberty and happiness. And we do have to agree on the means - means and ends are one, and the means are being thoughtful of, sensitive to, responsive to, caring for (and all those other traits depicted above) the values of life, liberty and happiness. Any policy we recommend or support must balance these values well for all. 
When you're part of the Moral branch, you are a Moral Representative, a Moral House Member (Moral Congressperson), a Moral Senator, a Moral Cabinet Member, even a Moral President and Moral Vice President. We're building a Moral Congress and a Moral Executive Branch and a Moral Judiciary, with the strongest and most powerful force there is, the power of moral persuasion. 
It's unassailable.
You can't reasonably assail a body that's only underlying and overarching principles are the traits of being loving, thoughtful, responsive, etc. toward bringing about life, liberty and happiness for all!
Tell us which town, county, city, or state you'd like to represent. 


P.O. Box 4124 Madison, CT 06443

Thanks for submitting!

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