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On a Serious Note

Have you been given the power to do something?

In many ways, you have been disempowered, so... you have to empower yourself and others in We, the people.

Prevent the Tyranny of the Majority

Imagine that you are a small minority. And you have a moral cause, but you're outnumbered, and you don't have large amounts of financial resources. How do you get your message and your rights protected?

We all know that fighting through the court system is tough. We all know that trying to get legislation passed is tough. We can work toward those things, but we might have to do something else, something more.

What is that something else? What is that something more?

We have to, and we can, appoint ourselves to a Moral Body. We can create representation throughout the country.


Imagine representatives from each state

In every state, we can have a representative.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.00.13

In other words, we have to empower ourselves. And we can.

And we have to take the Moral High Ground.

The only way we win is by becoming superior to them. 

The only way we win is by becoming superior to them, and the only way we can be superior to them is by taking the moral high ground. They have the financial high ground. They have the titular high ground - that is, they all have official titles and badges of superiority. If we are to gain the high ground, if we are to triumph, we have to find some way in which we are "authorities" or superior, and fortunately, there is that way - we are morally "superior." And, by the way, if we're not, then they are right and we are wrong. However, if we are, we can say we are right and they are wrong. 

So, face it, you either take - and show how you have - the moral high ground. Or, you lose.  


So, join as a Moral Representative. 

Download your bill to Bill here

Think about this. You're either seen as valuable as the "feet" or "foot soldiers" meant to go out and protest, jump up and down. Or, you're seen as something more. Maybe you see the value of your brain and ability to think and lead. If so, then be a Moral Representative, show them that you are also the brains of the operation - the brains of a healthy society.

Stop the Virus: We're all in this together. 

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